Converting Accessory Dwelling Units into Smart & Spacious Living Arenas

In the present times, California lawmakers have passed several laws in favor of homeowners that were for long aspiring for garage conversion, home addition and building ADUs. As a matter of fact, it get stuck due to the long and cumbersome government procedures and bottlenecks. Today, it is way easier to convert your garage into a master bedroom or a self-sufficient family suite as per your needs and requirements. Here in San Diego, CA, there are a few prominent general contractors that can help convert your existing, yet defunct lying garage into a fully functional living area. Why not hire them for transforming your home into a spacious abode that is prepared to welcome and accommodate your guests, relatives and your elderly parents. Let’s understand the benefits of having an ADU.

Advantages of Garage Conversion

  • The cost of transforming a garage into a self-sufficient living quarter is much lower, when compared to building a dwelling unit from scratch by laying a new foundation and structure. Here, you already have a structure or a room in-place. You only need to modify and redesign it according to your residential needs and space requirements. For converting a garage, you only need to have the necessary permits.
  • The earning potential from a garage conversion in San Diego, CA, is relatively higher, if you think of earning a rental income. There’s a huge demand for rental office space in California. Or for that matter, an accommodation space. You can sign a rental agreement or a contract, and give out on rent, your newly converted garage. It can be an office or a home, as and when a customer wants. You can think of earning as much as $1500 every month by renting one such newly converted garage.
  • One important thing is, there’s ready finance available for garage & ADU conversion in San Diego, CA, from local contractors, as well as from finance agencies. What’s more, they charge very low interest rates and on easy repayment terms. Now, it’s a lot easier to finance your new construction project at home, without any major hurdles and bottlenecks.
  • If you believe the statistics and facts, home additions are increasing the resale value of properties to a great extent. When you think of selling your home after an act of garage conversion, it can really appreciate the price of your existing property. In fact, it can help in approximately 25-30% property value appreciation. This is why a majority of homes are going for garage and ADU conversion to increase the resale value of their property.

So, if you want to give your home that space and value addition of any kind, always go for the services of reputed San Diego general contractors that can help create a smart living space or a dwelling unit. It is via an act of ADU construction, garage conversion, home addition and room additions your property in the city is able to appreciate in value-terms, and also in the area of space. It is a sort of a long-term investment.

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